Age Spots – Natural Remedies

Age spots are dark colored discoloration of skin, commonly found on people aged above 40 years. Age spots occur due to prolonged sun exposure or prolonged sickness. There are a lot of good clinical medications that help in treating age spots, but since they contain chemicals, they can be harsh on the health.

Apart from the clinical medications, there are a lot of natural remedies available that help in reducing the age spots. A thing to remember here is that it takes at least a couple of months to lighten the age spots.

Following are some natural remedies for age spots:

#1: Lemon Juice

Yellow lemon and lemon slices isolated

Lemon Juice For Age Spots

Lemon juice contains citric acid and has antioxidant qualities. Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent. It should be applied on the spots at least twice a day for six to eight weeks. Soon the spots will start to fade away.

#2: Onion with Apple Cider Vinegar

A bit longer, to show results, but equally effective is a concoction of blended onion mixed with apple cider vinegar applied over the age spots. If applied once daily, the results will be seen in about 5-6 months.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Onion

Apple Cider Vinegar For Age Spots

Apple cider vinegar also works if its few drops are added to drinking water every so often. Also, apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice and applied on the age spots can reduce them drastically.

#3: Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor Oil For Age Spots Removal

Castor oil is a great natural remedy for age spots as it softens the skin by improving the texture of the age spots. Castor oil should be applied to the age spots twice a day for a couple of months.

#4: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains elements that provide nourishment to the skin and aids skin regeneration. It acts as a stimulus for the growth of new skin.

Aloe Vera For Age Spots

Aloe Vera For Age Spots

Aloe Vera is used widely to treat dermatological conditions. Its gel or juice can be rubbed on the surface of the age spots and they shall diminish in a small period of time.

#5: Olive Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil And Vinegar For Age Spots

Olive Oil And Vinegar For Age Spots

Another great home remedy to eradicate age spots is a mix of olive oil and vinegar that is then applied onto the age spots.

#6: Buttermilk


Buttermilk For Age Spots

Buttermilk contains lactic acid that helps in exfoliating the skin and removes blemishes and spots without making the skin too dry.

#7: Sandalwood and Rose Water

Sandalwood has anti-aging properties and is an antiseptic. Sandalwood helps in reducing pigmentation and thus helps in removal of spots.

Sandalwood And Rosewater

Sandalwood And Rosewater For Age Spots

A mask can be prepared at home using sandalwood powder and rose water; the mask should be dried on the skin and then washed off. Adding of saffron in the mask mix is another great idea since saffron has skin lightening properties.

#8: Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid and zinc, which promotes healthy skin. The lactic acid also helps in preventing premature skin ageing.


Yogurt For Age Spots

Various masks can be prepared with yogurt as the base or it can be directly applied on the spots to reduce their discoloration.

#9: Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber For Age Spots

Cucumber contains bleaching properties and applying its juice over age spots improves their appearance significantly.

Another remedy to remember while living your life is to try to remain in as much shade as possible. Prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided due to its extremely harmful rays. Always wear a hat and full sleeve clothes.

This will prevent you not only from age spots but also from skin cancer and other skin related diseases. Exercising caution for your body is important.