Bay Essential Oil Health Benefits for Men

Bay oil was discovered in 20th century and since then it has been used as a tonic to cure various health and muscle problems. Also known as bay rum oil, it is rich in anti-microbial compounds that are quite beneficial. Let’s discover this spicy plant oil in detail:

What is Bay Oil?

Bay tree is the main source of this essential oil that was originated in the West Indies. Bay tree comes in the family of allspice berries, also known as Jamaica pepper. This tree has long pointed leaves on which yellow and white flowers are grown.

To extract the oil, steam distillation process is carried out on fresh bay leaves. The oil has strong spicy fragrance and the end product is of yellow color, quite similar to clove oil. Here are some benefits of bay oil:

Benefits of Bay Oil

Cosmetics and Perfumes

Bay rum oil is used in cosmetics and perfumes. In men products, this oil has been widely used to benefit the skin. Also, it is a good skin toner that perfectly heals the razor cuts and wounds. Any breakouts on the skin are nicely cured.

Masculine Aroma

Bay rum oil has a masculine fragrance that men would love unlike other oils such as geranium or rose that are feminine. Due to its spicy fragrance, it makes a good option for men.

Massage Oil

It is considered as commendable massage oil that is used in aromatherapy. To relieve joint pain and muscle cramps, bay oil is a must-have. Add it to your bath tub and indulge into the relaxing effects of this oil.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair products like shampoo, oils and conditioners work pretty well with the addition of bay oil. It helps in treating dandruff that occurs on flaky scalp and also makes your hair dazzle like stars.

Improves Sleep

Add 10 drops of West Indies bay oil to 3 drops of orange oil. Also put 1 drop of clove oil and almond oil. This mixture is good to improve your sleep if applied on your head.

Relieve Depression

It is an anti-depressant which works great when mixed in 1 drop of jojoba oil, 4 drops of bergamot oil and 4 drops of black pepper oil. To prepare this mixture, 2 drops of bay oil are to be added in the above oils.

Cure Flu

Add 2 drops of bay oil to 4 drops of myrtle oil and diffuse them together. Apply the solution to get relief from flu.

How to Make Bay Oil?

As mentioned above, bay essential oil is made using steam distillation process. To make the oil from fresh bay leaves, the bay tree must be at least 5 years old. Seawater is added in the distillation process. However, it is not easy to make this oil at home. So to avail the benefits, you have to buy it from the market only.

NOTE: Make sure not to gulp down bay rum oil, bay tree fruit or bay oil because it is a toxic substance that is not good to be taken directly.