Exciting Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair and Skin

Neem is a fantastic nature’s gift. Proved to be an unbeaten herb, it has numerous beauty and health benefits. Its oil is used widely for many purposes and is just amazing.

Neem oil is the main ingredient that is used in skin and hair cosmetics. So if you are a beauty freak, consider neem oil as the foremost choice. In ancient Vedas, it has been termed as “Sarva Roga Nirvarini” indicating that it has the capability to cure every type of ailments.

Explore the unmatched benefits of neem oil for your skin and hair and look beautiful than ever. It is power packed with loads of nutrients and used widely to make lotions, soaps, creams and many more cosmetic products. For eczema, it has huge benefits that will leave you pleasantly surprised for good. Diseases like acne, psoriasis and wounds get stunningly cured with the use of neem oil.

Due to its disease-fighting properties, neem oil is put into various medicines. Let me enlighten you on the benefits of neem oil:

Benefits of Neem Oil on Skin

Combat Fungal Infections

Quite a common issue these days is fungal infections.

  • Neem is the most dominant anti fungal agent that makes a great substitute for the pharmacist’s creams.
  • Gedunin and nimbidol are the compounds found in neem that remove the fungal infections.
  • Studies claim that neem oil is effective on 14 types of infections.

Reduces Dryness

Neem oil is a good skin conditioner that acts as a moisturizer to gift you with a well toned skin. Also, it reduces dryness and flakiness.

Reduces Pigmentation

Neem oil controls excess melanin thus making you feel confident with a splash of fresh skin. By hampering the formation of excessive melanin, your skin looks fairer than before.

Benefits of Neem Oil on Hair

Reduces Frizz

Frizzy hair looks annoying as it makes you look ugly. Use neem oil on your hair due to its moisturizing properties and see the magic it shows on your hair.

  • In your shampoo, add neem oil in a little quantity and use the shampoo the same way as you do.
  • You will see a nice shine after the wash.
  • Because it has moisturizing properties, your hair feels silky and hydrated.

Deals with Head Lice

A safe way to remove lice from hair is neem oil. Shampoos made for this purpose have chemicals in it which leave bad effects on the scalp otherwise.

  • Apply neem oil on your head overnight. In the morning, comb your hair with a tick comb and see the results. Use neem oil on regular basis as it doesn’t has any adverse effect.

Other Benefits


Used in medicines made to treat digestive issues, diabetes, blood disorders and arthritis etc.

Cosmetic Products

Neem oil is used as an essential oil in cosmetic products. Skin care companies use it in their Aromatherapy products to heal skin diseases and help people restore their mental health.

So guys try this oil and see magical benefits on skin, hair and health. It is a win-win formula for all types of diseases.