Home Remedies to Treat Gout and Uric Acid

Various body parts are affected with gout – a type of arthritis. Ankles, ears, knees, joints and wrists are more prone to this disease. Studies show that its symptoms include swelling, joint inflammation, acute pain and swelling.
Not the exact cause of gout is known but some reports claim that a high amount of uric acid can be the reason of it. Other reasons can be stress, excess protein intake, alcohol consumption and lack of work-out. Taking these symptoms lightly, lead to diabetes, kidney stones and other likely diseases. So I would suggest following some home remedies for the natural treatment other than seeking medical advice.

Cold Water

Pain and inflammation is reduced by keeping cold water on the affected area. People suffering from gout, must not place direct ice on the skin as it can worsen the problem.
• Place your swollen joint for around 15 minutes in the cold water. Do this few times a day until and unless you don’t feel relieved.
• Or make an ice pack to apply on the affected area. Take some ice cubes in a towel and apply it on the skin for two times a day. Don’t do it in excess as it may lead to uric acid crystallization.
Try out this remedy and see the results in few days. There is no quick cure other than this one for gout and uric acid. Be determined and time will heal everything.

Baking Soda

Increase of uric acid in the body is the major contributing factor to the gout disease. Pain caused due to the gout is relieved with the use of baking soda.
• In a glass of water, dissolve half tsp of baking soda
• Drink it four times in a day
• Repeat this for two weeks.
Do not consume it in excess quantity if you are above 60 years. Also, if you have the problem of hypertension, don’t try this remedy.

Lemon Juice

Neutralizing the uric acid in the blood is essential to get relief from gout. Fresh lemon juice mixed with baking soda is a wonderful home remedy that adds strength to your body.
• Squeeze one lemon juice in half tsp of baking soda. Let it rest for some time unless the sparkling effect doesn’t stops and add this mixture in a water glass. Drink the solution immediately.
• Or drink the solution of half lemon in full glass of water for at least thrice a day.


Cherries are perfect in curing gout no matter they are sour or sweet. They reduce inflammation and gout flare ups as well because of rich content of anti-oxidants.
• Consume 15 to 20 cherries in a day would be good to get maximum benefits. Gout patients get benefitted from cherry usage.
• Or drink black cherry juice daily at least a full glass. For best results, add minced garlic cloves in the glass.

Guys, try these home remedies as they are perfect to benefit you in every way. Have a good day!!