Honey with Lemon Water and Other Honey Preparations to Counter Obesity

Obesity is a physiological condition wherein accumulated excess fat in the body has put a person’s health at risk. The causes of obesity include behavior, genetic and environmental factors. It starts with eating too much and not expending enough energy to burn off the eaten calories. Obese people is a high-risk group, prone to developing diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver and gallbladder diseases, heart ailments, stroke, hypertension and more.

Those diagnosed with the condition should undergo a shift in lifestyle that incorporates a balanced diet and exercise. This includes incorporating honey in one’s diet.

Honey as a food to counter obesity has found a lot of supporters, especially those that practice Ayurveda therapy. Honey contains monosaccharides, fructose and glucose; and is as sweet as regular sugar. It can be ingested as is, or used as sweetener or sugar alternative in baking and cooking.

Honey is ideal for weight loss because it stabilizes insulin level of the body. This gives the person a satiated feeling, which inhibits cravings. It is also said to mobilize stored fat in the body, allowing it to be burned and used as energy.

Honey with Lemon Water

Drinking warm lemon water with honey is said to be an old yogi practice. Lemon aids in digestion and the removal of toxins from the body. Lemon is also a source of pectin fiber, and can curb cravings, along with honey.

To prepare, cut half a lemon into slices and place in a tall glass with warm water. Crush lemon. Add and stir in honey. This should be done first thing in the morning, before taking in food. This detoxifies the body, and perks up one’s metabolism.

Honey and Warm Water

This is an alternative for people who can’t ingest honey as is. Mix two tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water, and stir.

Drinking this concoction after eating helps with digestion. This will then ensure that the body retains only the essential vitamins and minerals. Body wastes and fat are expended naturally.

Honey and Cinnamon

The combination of honey and cinnamon is also said to assist in weight loss. The practice started in January 1995. News claimed that together, these act as appetite suppressant and fat burner.

To prepare, fill a glass with warm water. Add two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon. Drink the concoction first thing in the morning and before going to sleep.

Honey as Sugar Replacement

To ensure regular intake, replace sugar with honey. Honey is as sweet but does not pack as much calories as sugar. It can cut cravings for processed carbohydrates. It also improves the absorption of more nutrients.