Incredible Home Remedies to Treat Migraine Pain

Migraine headache is the most disturbing and disabling condition across the globe, says WHO. It is a condition in which one side of your head pains like hell and it worsens even more with movement. Duration of migraine headache is from 4 to 72 hours.

Symptoms of migraine vary in every person. Usually, warning signs like flash light, blind spots, tingling in arms or legs, vomit, nausea and sound sensitivity are reported by people. Prior to migraine attack, signs like stiff neck, constipation, yawning, food craving and irritation may occur. Plus, stress, dehydration, alcohol, loud noise, allergies, low blood sugar, irregular sleep and skipping of meals can trigger migraine.

Let’s try some natural home remedies to reduce migraine headache:


Peppermint soothes the nerves due to it being rich in anti-inflammation properties. And it has calming effect on the brain. The aroma of this herb is so relieving that your headache goes away to a great extent.

  • Make peppermint tea mixed with honey and drink it as needed.
  • Take peppermint essential oil and massage your temples with a drop. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and you will notice huge relief. Repeat it few times a day

Ice Pack

Ice pack is perhaps the best natural home remedy to get rid of headache. Pain is alleviated greatly as it has a numbing effect.

  • Place a towel wrapped with ice cubes on your temples, back neck and forehead for 15 minutes.
  • Put a drop or two of lavender or peppermint oil in hot or cold water compressor. Use it for 15 minutes and get relief from migraine.

Cayenne Pepper

Another mind-boggling remedy for migraines… It has stimulating properties which improves blood circulation and it has capsaicin which acts as a natural painkiller.

  • In a cup of warm water, put one tsp. of cayenne pepper, some honey and lemon juice. Drink this water to get rid of migraine headache.


Ginger is an effective remedy to treat migraines. It is because; ginger blocks prostaglandins which create muscle contraction thus producing inflammation in the brain.

  • Take ginger tea few times a day. Drink it when your headache is at the starting phase
  • Or chew raw ginger to cure migraine and say goodbye to nausea and digestive problems too.


Massage improves blood circulation and boosts serotonin. Thus it is helpful in lessening down migraine pain as it blocks pain signals. How to do:

  • Use your first two fingers and massage your head in circular motion. Do it gently. Press the pressure points like mid forehead, base of skull, eye corners to get relief from pain.
  • Make a mixture of ½ tsp. of cinnamon powder, cardamom powder and two tbsp. of hot sesame oil. Massage it one your forehead and let it rest for few minutes. Then wash it off with warm water or just wipe off with paper towel.

Though migraine treatment is still not known, you can add these home remedies to your routine to get relief from this irritating headache.