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Indian Holy Basil Plant (Tulsi) and Its Uses

Indian holy basil plant or tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum, different from common basil) is a medicinal plant grown and worshipped in India. It is mentioned in Ayurvedha (Indian traditional medicine book), as the most used herb for several alternative natural medical preparations. It can be used for relief from various health ailments ranging from common cold to diabetes. Below are few common health ailments for which tulsi or its products can be used.

Daily use:

Daily use of tulsi is proven to have anti stress effect and, can be helpful in getting rid of reactive oxygen species, free radicals generated during high stress conditions inside our system. Tulsi also improves mouth and digestive health.

Tulsi products such as herbal tea, softgel capsules for daily use can be found on amazon with very good reviews. Tulsi vegan capsules, tooth paste can help with common digestive problems and mouth health

Common cold and cough :

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of eugenol, an active constituent in tulsi, it can be used to ease common cold and cough symptoms.

Tulsi products like vapor rub balms and homemade tulsi honey concoction can used to get relief from irritable symptoms of cough and cold.

Tulsi honey concoction: Add 1 to 1/2 teaspoon of dried fresh Tulsi leaves to a cup of water. Boil the mixture for around ten minutes. Then add 1 tsp of pure organic honey to taste. Filter off the leaves and the mixture can be served hot or cold.


Tulsi is known to possess anti diabetic properties. Tulsi active ingredients such as caryophyllene and methyl eugenol may improve function of pancreas by enhancing insulin production. Clinical studies have shown the uses tulsi in the reduction of bad cholesterol and blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.

Tulsi products such as tulsi extract capsules and daily dose of tulsi herbal tea along with the prescribed anti diabetic drugs can help maintain healthy blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Heart and immune heath:

Fixed oils in tulsi have shown to have cardiovascular benefits by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing blood circulation which may reduce the risk of heart attacks. Tusli is also known immune system booster in humans.

Finally tulsi plant can also be grown in your home by planting tulsi dry seeds in flower pots. Tulsi plant growth is conducive to spring/summer weather rather than winter.