Magical Benefits of Coconut Water

For centuries, people have been consuming coconut water due to its magical health benefits. Young green coconuts are well known for their super benefits. It is a delicious and luscious natural beverage packed with tons of benefits. A low calorie beverage, tender coconut water is more nutritious than mature coconut.

Coconut water keeps you refreshed the whole day as it stuffed with amino acids, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, B-complex vitamins, iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium. So guys, when so many nutrients are there in a single coconut, how can you afford to miss it.

Let’s dig deep into its amazing health benefits. ALERT!! Are you a kidney patient? If yes, don’t consume it at all. If not, move ahead and add fresh coconut water to your daily regime. Here goes the list:


To beat summer thirst, coconut water is a brilliant thirst quencher. If dehydration occurs due to vomit, diarrhoea or excess sweating, coconut water is perfect to provide rehydration. Your energy level gets boosted with its regular consumption. As per reports, coconut water has proved to be beneficial after exercise or work-outs.
Your little tummy may feel troubled due to indigestion or gastroenteritis but not to fret. Get your hands on coconut water and say goodbye to tummy troubles.

Controls Blood Pressure


Coconut water is an excellent drink to control high blood pressure. All thanks to Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium present in it. These nutrients help tumble down the blood pressure level keeping a balance of sodium in the body.

Intake a cup of fresh coconut water two times a day to reduce high blood pressure. Avoid taking bottled water as it is not that beneficial.

Relieves Heart Diseases


A very good protector of heart, coconut water controls excess cholesterol and fats. Risk of heart diseases gets lessen down as coconut water is valuable for lipid metabolism. Plus, coconut water improvises the circulation level owing to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Plaque formation gets reduced in the arteries thus lowering down the heart stroke risk.

Boot Out Hangovers

A natural remedy to boot out hangovers… After taking alcohol, you feel like as if the whole world is moving. And coconut water balances this situation and makes you feel better. It replenishes the electrolytes thus boosting hydration level in your body. Also, it is a revitalizing natural health drink to combat stress and helps in settling acid stomach. Prepare a quick smoothie by blending 2 to 3 tbsp. of lemon juice with 2 cups of coconut water and put ½ cup of ice with 2 fresh mint stems and here you go!!

Enhances Weight Loss


Weight loss is promoted with regular usage of coconut water. Low in calories, refreshing and light and relieving for stomach, coconut water helps in boosting metabolism. The bioactive enzymes present in coconut water are perfect to aid digestion and flushes out toxins from the body.

Consuming 8 ounce of coconut water thrice a week promotes weight loss. Remember not going crazy with its consumption or else you will add more calories than shedding off.

Cures Headaches

Dehydration causes headaches and migraines and coconut water is hydration booster. Sufficient amount of electrolytes is supplied by coconut water due to the magnesium present in it. And enhanced magnesium levels minimize migraine attacks.

Regulates Sugar Level

Insulin level is improved with coconut water consumption. It has dietary fibre and amino acids which are good to regulate blood sugar. Also, weight gets managed, circulation is improved and feet numbness is controlled to a great extent. Though it has therapeutic properties, coconut water reduces blood glucose level and stress.



Cytokinins are present in coconut water having anti-aging properties. Age-related diseases are reduced with its consumption. Body gets revitalized and nourished with fresh green coconut water thus keeping your skin smooth and supple. Though it is good to drink, you can also make a paste by adding 2 tsp. of sandalwood powder with required coconut water. And then apply it. Once dried, rinse it off with water and get younger and glowing skin.

Natural Diuretic

Urine production can be effectively controlled by coconut water. Due to flushing out the toxins from your body, coconut water cleanses urinary tract and bladder infections. Kidney stones get dissolved due to high level of potassium content.

To a cup of coconut water, put a pinch of sea salt and take it twice a day to reap maximum benefits.


• Those having nut allergies may not consume it.
• In some people, stomach upset can be seen with its consumption.
• Stop taking coconut water 2 weeks before any type of surgery.
• People having kidney malfunction should ask their doctor before taking coconut water.