Neroli Essential Oil – Boon for Health

Do you know about Neroli oil? I guess not, that is why you have come here to read about it. It is an herbal medication that has tons of health benefits for your body. I may not be able to list all the benefits but I have managed to mention some.

Most precious citrus oil, Citrus Aurantium, also popular as orange flower is the main root of this oil.

How to make Neroli Oil?

To produce a pound of oil, at least 1000 pounds of flower blossoms are required. So it is quite clear that is the most precious oil among other trees. Orange flower is a white, waxy and small flower that is freshly handpicked. It has fragrant flowers that are blossomed of the orange tree and so it has a citrus smell.

All sorts of aromatherapy are carried out by Neroli oil and created with steam distillation process. Let me walk you through the health benefits of Neroli oil:

Neroli oil, in ancient times, was used to heal body, soul and mind. Also, plague, nervousness and fever etc. are effectually handled by this wonder oil.

Good for Skin: Skin problems like stretch marks, wrinkles, scar tissues etc. are treated with this oil beautifully. To regenerate skin cells, repair blood capillaries and enhance complexion, Neroli oil is best. Most of the skin problems get cured wonderfully if used regularly.

Antidepressant: Escapism from depression is not easy but if you have Neroli oil, no other medicine is required. This essential oil is great to calm chronic depression because it coerces away sadness. However, you feel much more relaxed and happy. So this is one reason why this oil is used in aromatherapy treatments.

Antiseptic: Apply Neroli oil to your wound in emergency when the doctor is not available to reach. It has antiseptic properties to protect the wounds from any possible infections. For time being, use the oil and later on, visit your doctor or physician.

Aphrodisiac: To cherish and relive your private moments, use Neroli oil. Not only does it arouse the mood but also cure your erectile dysfunctions. Enjoy the night romantically with your partner and arouse her sex desire to live a successful sex life.

Disinfectant: The body and your surroundings get fresh and disinfected with the use of this organic oil. While curing infections of kidneys, colon, urinary tracts and prostate, it also works incredibly against other infections too.

Tonic: Maintaining the good health and proper circulation is important for a perfect immune system. And Neroli oil works great as a tonic.

Deodorant: Because it is made from orange tree, it has very strong fragrance. The entire bad odour is removed with this oil and it can also be used as a perfume. Plus, it drives away the germs and toxins too from the room.

Bactericidal: Bacteria get killed with this commendable oil to keep your body away from bad infections. Cholera, food poisoning and typhoid etc. have shown mind-blowing relief with this oil.