Perks of Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Beyond the tempting flavour and spicy taste, cinnamon has many other health benefits too. Do you know that the oil extracted from it is called cinnamon leaf oil? So you must know the benefits of this oil to improve your health.

Basically, cinnamon is an old spice that is known to everyone. Apart from being rich in medicinal properties, it is an embalming agent that is mentioned in “Bible”.

You have possibly heard of cinnamon bark oil but leaf oil is entirely different. Bark oil has a history of being too expensive which is the reason why people settle down on leaf oil only.  It has spicy and musky scent with light yellow color. Let’s take a look at these perks worth knowing about cinnamon oil:

Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Oil

It is used in soaps and seasonings to add flavour. Also, it has health enhancing effects if used in your bath water, cream or lotion in a diffused form. Simply mix it with essential oil and relish the incredible health benefits of cinnamon leaf oil. Adopt these ways and use this oil in your home for good:


Having rich in germicidal properties, cinnamon leaf oil is used as a disinfectant. Keep it to clean the kitchen counter, microwave, toilets, door knobs and other surfaces. Also, chopping boards can be nicely cleaned with this oil.

Use as a Scrub

It is a good scrub if used on the face by mixing with olive oil, cinnamon sugar and orange juice. Rub this scrub on your face as it will rejuvenate your skin because of the antiseptic properties that kills bacteria remarkably.


It makes the best mouthwash. Just add two drops in a glass of purified water and gargle. If you have dentures, soak them in a solution made of cinnamon leaf oil, water and hydrogen peroxide.

Foot Soak

Take a bucket of warm water and add leaf oil. Soak your feet in this solution to get rid of fungal infections. This remedy is perfect for people who have the habit to wear closed shoes daily or are athletes.

Insect Repellent

The scent of cinnamon leaf oil deters off the insects like flies, ants, roaches and mosquitoes etc. Just spray the leaf oil using some sprayer around your home and say goodbye to household insect. Also, you can spread a drop or two on your mattress and sheets to kick off the bugs.

Use in Shampoo

Although cinnamon leaf oil is a disinfectant, it works wonders if added in non-chemical shampoo. Add a drop and kill head lice to keep your hair healthy.

How to Make Cinnamon Leaf Oil?

Cinnamon leaf is made using steam distillation. Its leaves are pruned and then keep it aside to let them dry for few days. The leaves are of leathery green colour.

Once when they get dried, steam distillation process is used to extract the oil out of them. Another method is to use a large wooden vessel is fitted with copper head on top and then the dried cinnamon leaves are added to it. Next, the vessel is kept in a wood fired boiler that creates steam for distillation.

Have a good day!!