Prune juice – Is it Good for Overall Health or Not?

Do you know what prunes are? Prunes are dried plums that have been dried to use for various health benefits. These are dried versions of European plums and best known for their stomach soothing properties. Although prunes have chewy texture, they are rich in nutrition too and taste luscious.

Preferably, one cup of prune juice is packed with 182 calories in the following quantity:

  • Fats – 0%
  • Carbohydrates – 96%
  • Proteins – 4%

How Prune Juice Benefits the Skin?

Not only does prune juice tastes good, it also has stunning health benefits to promote the overall well being of a person. Though it is packed with nutrition, this fibre rich fruit juice is great for the skin. It comes with the goodness of natural minerals and vitamins that combat any type of harmful diseases. Being a natural drink, it is free from harmful elements.

Let us know how to cook prune juice:


  • Take some prunes and steep them for few minutes in water. It will curtail the overall cooking time.
  • Avoid using too much dry plums as they take more time to cook. Go for semi dried ones for fast cooking. Use low heat for cooking purpose.
  • If you don’t have semi dried plums, then you need to soak them up in hot water so that they get wet. Dunk them for a couple of minutes before cooking.


Prunes work wonders in the meat and starchy vegetable dishes. Not only do they taste good in meat but also can be added in liquid beverages like compotes, tagines, cock-a-leekie and stews etc. You can also serve prunes as a topping on waffles, pancakes and they make a great ensemble with rosemary scented braised. To make a delicious mix, use prunes in addition with other nuts and dry fruits.

Let me walk you through how prune juice is good for skin:

Good for Skin

Prevents Ageing

Antioxidants control ageing process and this is what prunes are rich in. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t come early on the skin thus making you feel fresh and young-looking.

Cut Down Skin Problems

Pimples are very common in this pollution-full world and the major target is today’s youth. So to get rid of such troubles, make your way to prune juice and look beautiful. Well known for its colon cleansing properties, this juice keeps your stomach healthy in flushing out the toxins substantially.

Commendable Moisturizer

Apply prune face mask if you have too oily or dry skin. However, it is an amazing fruit that works phenomenally in giving moisturizing effects on your skin. So make a face pack now and make your skin look smooth, revived and feather-like.

Good For Hair

Yes people, not only has it benefited your skin but your hair as well.

Keep Hair Healthy

Being rich in vitamins like B and C, it adds to the overall health of your hair. Hair follicles get strong with the consumption of prune juice thus lessening down the breakage and hair damage.

Colouring Agent

It has been used widely across the world as a natural colouring agent.

Hope you find the article useful!!