Remarkable Dental Aid Plant – Clove Bud Oil

Are you familiar with clove? An aromatic spice that is used as a seasoning in Indian and Chinese cuisines, clove is used as a medicine too. The oil extracted from clove bud, popularly known as clove bud oil is quite famous for the health benefits. It gained recognition during the 7th century and is still in the scene.

Why must you use clove bud oil? Because it is beneficial in numerous ways!!

Clove bud oil has been used widely to get rid of bad mouth odour and toothache. Doctors recommend using this oil for gargles and dental anaesthetics. Also, its presence has been found in many dental Ayurvedic medicines to combat throat infections.

Benefits of Clove Bud Oil

Rich in antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, aphrodisiac, antiseptic and stimulant properties, it has many positive effects for health concerns. Here are some benefits of this plant oil:

Skin Care

Acne, wrinkles, warts and sagging skin is treated with the use of clove bud oil.

Perfume Ingredient

Being rich in unique and strong scent, clove bud oil is used widely in honeysuckle, carnation and rose perfumes.

Digestive Aid

Cloves relieve the muscle lining in the gastro-intestinal tract by making it smooth. So the problems like vomiting and nausea get cured and digestive problems get halted using clove oil.

Soap Ingredient

Because of the antiseptic properties, clove bud oil is used in soaps as well to relax the body.


Though cloves are good to chew as it as to relieve throat issues, it’s oil ease down cough, asthma, cold, tuberculosis and sinusitis etc.

Insect Repellent

Using it with other citrus essential oils, this plant helps in kicking off the insects away.

Massage Oil

Clove bud oil is used in aromatherapy sessions and massages to help relieve mental stress and physical pain.

How to Make Clove Bud Oil?

Let’s learn the method of preparing clove bud oil at home following these steps:


  • Carrier oil (olive or any oil)
  • Glass container having spout
  • 4 crushed clove buds
  • Strainer
  • 600 ML bottleneck jar airtight


  • Pick an airtight jar and add crushed cloves. Crush them properly though.
  • Add carrier oil so that the cloves get completely submerged. Don’t fill the jar to the top.
  • Close the container tightly so that air doesn’t enter to affect the effectiveness of oil.
  • Keep the jar aside for a week near sunlight.
  • After a week, transfer the solution in a glass container using a spout. Transfer it using a strainer and make sure to strain the oil few times so that no particle gets in the container.
  • Throw away the cloves and don’t use them again.
  • Now, transfer the mixture back to the airtight container.
  • Store it by tightly sealing the jar. This oil has a shelf life of up to 5 years.

I hope you will add clove bud oil in your routine to reap maximum benefits out of it. Give it a try once!!