Remarkable Health Benefits of Lemon Water

“Drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey in the morning”, is a very popular health mantra. Experts say that it keeps out body healthy. Yes, it is a fact!! Let’s see why:

• Water is a hydrator and well known for flushing out the toxins from your body.

• Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, proteins, potassium, B-complex, vitamins A, C, pectin fibre and carbohydrates, lemon water boosts your immunity and fights with harmful bacteria.

All you need to do is squeeze half lemon in a glass and pour lukewarm water over it. To add some sweetener, add some honey and drink it in morning. Make sure you don’t eat anything before it. Take a gap of 30 minutes in having your breakfast.

Let’s see the benefits of lemon water:

Boosts Digestion Power


Lemon stimulates your digestion power and keeps you healthy. Additionally, it spills out harmful toxins from your body and keeps you away from heartburns, bloating or belching. Constipation is reduced to a great extent as it promotes proper bowel functionality. It is a hale and hearty drink for cancer patients, said American Cancer Society.

Helps in Weight Loss

Reach your goal of weight loss by drinking lemon water mixed with honey. Lemon controls your hunger making you feel stuffed for longer as it contains pectin fibre. Also, lemon water creates alkaline in your stomach aiding in losing weight quickly.

Enhances Skin


Regular consumption of lemon water helps enhancing skin appearance. Given the high vitamin C content, your skin gets free from blemishes and wrinkles. Also, lemon water is a very good blood purifier which helps in reproduction of new blood cells. Anti-bacterial and collagen boosting properties of lemon water aids in better skin health.

Supporter of Immune System

Your immune system gets boosted up with usage of lemon water. Having high content of vitamin C, it improves resistance power and helps you fight with cold and flu problems. Also, it is rich in saponins which helps combat infections and keeps your immune system healthy. Plus, your body gets able to absorb iron which is quite a significant nutrient for fit healthy system.

Combat Bad Odour of Mouth


Lemon has acidic properties which when combined with honey, acts like a medicine. And it is quite beneficial in treating bad odour by cleansing the mouth. It activates saliva production which further aids in killing odour causing microbes. Plus, it prevents white film to gather on your tongue while sleeping thus eliminating bad odour.

Revitalizes Energy


Elements like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and phosphorus hydrates the body thus making you feel fresh, revitalized and energized the whole day. Also, the aroma of lemon keeps your mood enhanced and refreshed which gives you a lot of energy. So drink lemon water and be energized throughout the day.

Throat Infection Healer

Drink a glass of lemon water daily in the morning and heal your throat infections. People suffering from throat problems find it a natural healer of problems like tonsillitis and sore throat.

Now get up and make lemon water a part of your routine for better health. Stay tuned…