Treat Skin Problems with Marvellous Mineral – Magnesium

Magnesium is a miracle mineral to promote good health. Not only does it regulates the level of blood pressure and tumbles down the risk of cardio vascular diseases, it is a good mineral to prevent migraines and menstrual cramps. Magnesium is the fourth mineral that is found in cells most prevalently.

Calcium, phosphorus and potassium hold the other positions. Plus, magnesium is eighth most abundant mineral found on Earth. But have you ever wondered that this mineral can do miracles on your skin as well? Yes, it can as it has been considered as the “beauty mineral” and commonly found in skin treatments. Let’s study the wonderful beauty benefits of magnesium:

Magnesium is a natural cellular protector and helpful in facilitating effective detoxification. It has pain relieving properties and also promotes healthy skin tissues.

Reduce Wrinkles

Enzymes that are responsible for regulating DNA repairs need magnesium. Without magnesium, the skin is more prone to harmful damages and swelling. So it is a necessary mineral in fostering the growth of skin cells and keeping the skin away from wrinkles and lines.

Lessen Down Breakouts

As per a study conducted in 2007, magnesium is said to have inflammation reducing properties which is caused due to the high amount of C-reactive and E-selectin protein.

When any injury is maintained on the skin like acne or pimples, E-selectin is produced which leads to acne inflammation. And magnesium is a perfect mineral to reduce the effects of E-selectin and preventing inflammation issues.

Fight with Skin Allergies

Eczema is caused due to low level of magnesium in the body. It further leads to production of histamines which are the major reason to create blotchy and itchy skin. Such type of skin is the result of swelled blood vessels which produces leaking fluid in the tissues and skin. Not only does the deficiency of magnesium create dryness in the skin, it also reduces elasticity and promotes inflammation.

Magnesium can be applied on the affected area directly to get instant relief from the pain or inflammation. Let us walk through how to use magnesium oil on the skin and prepare it on your own:

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is a perfect mineral to add in your diet as it is a good supporter of healthy bones and teeth. Other than that, magnesium oil promotes blood circulation and decrease glandular disorders.

To get relieved muscles, magnesium oil has proved its magic. Arthritis pain is soothed with intake of magnesium or you can apply it on the skin around the joints. Take 600 mg magnesium oil daily with different meals and 300 mg for blood pressure patients.

How to Make Magnesium Oil?

  • Boil half cup of distilled water.
  • Take a glass bowl and add half cup of magnesium chloride flakes in it. Pour boiling water over the flakes and mix well.
  • Let the mixture cool and put it in a spray bottle to use later.

This mixture has shelf life of 6 months due to distilled water. Use the mixture on your legs, stomach and arms regularly and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Do little spray to avoid tingling sensation. Have a healthy day!!