Treat your Gum Disease with Cheap Natural Home Remedies

Gum problems like gingivitis, periodontal disease and various other issues are increasing quite a lot in today’s generation. Gum diseases should not be taken casually as they can lead to severe problems later on. Gum diseases can be cured with natural home remedies and knowledge of such treatments aids in keeping your gums healthy. And home remedies are so easy to use that even a kid can avail the most out of them.

Do you have red or swollen gums or sore gums? Yes? Then don’t take it as a fun and think of something to cure these problems. Though gum problems can lead to serious dental diseases, don’t leave it untreated. I am going to mention some of the best home remedies to cure gum problems but if problem persists, contact the doctor immediately. Check out these remedies for healthy and beautiful gums:

Reduce Stress

Experts say that dental health is directly related to stress. If you are stressed, your immune system doesn’t combat the bacteria properly which leads to periodontal disease and your gums gets infected. Surprisingly, people having financial stress are more prone to periodontal disease. Not every stress is same!!

Take Sea Salt Solution


Take a cup of warm water and mix it with a small amount of sea salt. Take a sip of this solution and after 30 seconds, spit it out. Salt water is best known to reduce swollen gums and fight with infection. Include this remedy into your daily brushing routine. Repeat it twice a day especially at night!!

Scrub some Honey over Gums


Honey has antiseptic properties which treats infected gums. What you can do is take some honey rub it over the infected gums after brushing your teeth. Make sure not to overdo the rubbing given the high sugar level of honey, I would say applying it on your gums only and not teeth.

Make a Paste of Salt and Lemon


Squeeze out one lemon juice and mix it with salt to form a paste. Apply on your gums and wait for few minutes. Spit it out with warm water. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which helps fighting off the infection of gums. So it’s a WIN-WIN solution for gum diseases.

Apply Tea Bags

Blend a tea bag in hot water for 2-3 minutes and let it cool after removing it. It should be such that you can hold it comfortably. And then place the tea bag over the affected gums for 5 minutes. It is a best remedy for gum problems as the tannic acid works wonders to relieve infected gums.

Don’t drink tea thinking that it will cure your gums. Instead, it will cause teeth discoloration or staining.

Intake C-rich Foods

Other than lemon, foods like kiwi, bell peppers, oranges, mango, grapes, strawberry and papaya also have remarkable benefits in treating infected gums. All these foods are rich in vitamin C, so get rid of your gum problems getting your hands on these stuffs.

So guys include these remedies in your routine and say goodbye to gum problems. Stay tuned for more natural remedies. Have a good day!!