Wonderful Herbs for Immunity Building

Body immunity is related to Ojas. It is an essence which makes up 7 tissues of body. Ojas is also referred to as vital energy which is important for good health. The seven tissues which make up the body are Rakta (blood), Medha (body fat), Rasa (juice), Mansa (muscle), Majja (bone marrow), Asthi (bones) and Shukra (semen). And Ojas is the core extract of these tissues so highly significant for life.

Let us see some wonderful herbs for immunity building:

Herbs like Indian gooseberry, ginger, turmeric, holy basil, liquorice and Ashwagandha are effective for healthy immune system.

Indian Gooseberry


Also known as Aamla, it is rich in vitamin C. Plus, it contains iron, cellulose, calcium, phosphorus, fibre, sugar, carbohydrate, albumin and water. Gooseberry is a natural medicine to cure air, fire and phlegm which can cause serious diseases if not treated on time. Due to the properties like revitalizing and rejuvenation, Aamla is a significant herb in boosting body’s resistance power. Take dried aamla powder mixed with honey twice a day or extract fresh juice out of aamla to use in salads or eat raw aamla as per your comfort and likability.



Ginger boosts immunity levels by combating with infections as it is hot in action. It is also used in diseases like gout, arthritis, edema and joint and muscle pain. A mixture of dry ginger and sesame oil is good to provide relief to paining joints. Plus, respiratory disorders like cold, asthma, cough, pneumonia and bronchitis can be cured with this magical herb ginger. Consume it in any form i.e. dry, juice or powder.



Turmeric is a well-known herb used for cooking and medicinal purposes. It is an intoxicating herb to boost immunity and used in a variety of ailments. Joint pains, cold, swellings and dry itchy skin can be effectively treated with turmeric. And the interesting part is that it can be included in your diet easily to make your body fight with diseases. Take 1-3 grams of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of warm milk or put turmeric powder in oil to use it for massaging.

Holy Basil


Holy basil has anti-effective and anti-asthmatic properties which are good in empowering respiratory resistance. Take fresh holy basil leaves or consume its juice two times a day to get relief. You can also add some ginger drops or honey to boost the efficiency of this herb which further builds resistance.


Also known as mulethi, it is an excellent remedy in relieving disorders. Liquorice is helpful in curing the diseases and boosting immunity levels. It is a natural revitalizer which strengthens the body system. Consume this wonderful herb with honey and ghee to revive your body immunity. In addition, it is a perfect brain tonic and anti-ager too.

So, now I am signing off this topic. Read the article properly and boost your weak immunity level. These are very effective natural herbs to build strong resistance and immunity. Be healthy!!