Heavenly Perks of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is power packed with heavenly benefits other than offering a magnificent scent. Made from the cold pressed rind of a ripe fruit of bergamot tree, this sweet-scented essential oil is a powerhouse of benefits. Check out here:

Delightful Benefits of Bergamot Oil:

Bergamot oil is highly beneficial in getting rid of mosquitoes and insects. Also, it works great as a deodorant, massage oil and inhalant etc.

Used in Perfume and Deodorant

Bergamot oil is added to perfumes and deodorants due to the fruity aroma it has. It blends well with the oils like ylang-ylang, lavender, cedarwood, geranium, rosewood and lemon etc.

Fruity Flavour

Due to its fruity aroma, it is used in confectionery items. Also, it is used as a distinct flavour in Lady Grey Teas and Earl Grey Teas. Turkish delight i.e. confectionary item also has bergamot oil in it.

Insect Repellent

It is a great pest or insect saver. Bergamot oil shields the crops that are affected by pests as the smell of bergamot plant is very potent.

Reduce Bacterial Infections

Enterococcus faecalis bacteria have shown positive improvement with the use of bergamot oil. This bacterium is resistant to the powerful antibiotic vancomycin that is present in bergamot oil. Also, it is good to control urinary tract infections. Add the oil to hip bath and stop the bacterial infections to spread further in the bladder.

Disease Healer

Bergamot oil works wonders on cold sores, herpes and mouth ulcers. Due to its antibacterial properties, it works brilliantly on chickenpox and shingles. Just apply the oil on the affected skin for few days to see the results or until the problem gets reduced.

Prevents Fungal Infections

The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy states that bergamot oil is rich in antifungal properties. This essential oil works amazingly on an infection when applied topically on the affected skin.

Controls Stress and Anxiety

Bergamot oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress levels and anxiety to a great extent. Prior to surgery, this oil works great to control the stressed mind and relieves you of depression. Aromatherapy sessions are perfect to resolve anxiety issues.

How to Make Bergamot Oil?

Two types of procedures are there to make this citrus essential oil like lemon and tangerine. Here they are:

Distillation Process

In this method, either steam or water is used. The oil made of making contact with water is low in quality because the aroma or flavour gets diminished. Therefore, this essential oil is not up-to-the expected quality. It is said that the bergamot oil produced in Italy is the best when it comes to the quality.

Cold Pressed Method

By pressing the rind of the bergamot fruit tree, oil is obtained manually. The tree is pressed unless the oil doesn’t come out and it is referred to as the modern method of extracting oil.

So guys, I hope you have understood the delightful benefits of bergamot oil. Now let’s use it for various health issues and avail the most out of this citrus essential oil.