Herbal Anise Oil with Commendable Benefits

Liquorice like flavour of Anise herbal plant and the curative benefits of the oil extracted from the anise seeds were recognized long ago. However, it is now used in many medicines, drugs, cough syrups and throat medicines etc. Although anise oil has many benefits, but still its usage in the form of medicines is not recommended.

So why not use the natural anise oil to reap the benefits of this wonder herb? To your surprise, Romans used anise in the cakes to eat after meals whereas Egyptians considered it to add in bread. Let’s dig deep into the benefits of anise oil and then learn the method of making it:

Benefits of Anise Oil

Here are some wide benefits of using anise oil in cooking, medications or seasoning:

Pain Reliever

Anise oil is a good pain reliever for arthritis patients.

Food processing

Anise oil is widely used in processed foods like Italian sausages, pepperoni, pizza toppings and much more.

Head Lice Remover

Anise oil, if applied on the scalp has the properties to treat head lice.

Breast milk enhancer

It has phyto-estrogenic properties that produce breast milk in women. So pregnant women can use this oil definitely to avail the benefits and enhance production.

Oral Health

Anise oil is great when added to items like mouthwash, toothpaste and mouth syrups. It has a good fragrance to make you get rid of bad mouth odour.

Stomach Cramps

Add one tbsp. of almond oil with anise oil and get relieved from the annoying stomach cramps by just massaging the mixture with your fingers.

Fragrant ingredient

Due to its liquorice like fragrance, it is added in lotions, creams, hand creams, detergents, and soaps etc. Take a bathe with anise oil soap and apply anise cream to see remarkable skin benefits.

Cures Nausea and Migraine

Just put 5-6 drops of anise oil on a cloth or hanky or pillow. Inhale it to get relief from migraine, vertigo and nausea etc.

How to Make Anise Oil?

Steam distillation process is followed to make anise oil out of dried anise seeds. Botanical terminology is the name that is used to denote this whole process which produces clear colored oil. But we will make anise at home by following these steps:


  • Cheesecloth
  • Dried anise seeds
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Glass container
  • Almond oil


  • Take mortar and pestle and add dried seeds to it. Grind them properly so that the oil gets released and you can smell the scent. But don’t grind it thoroughly to make it powder.
  • Pour the oil in a container.
  • Add the almond oil in the same container so that the anise oil gets submerged.
  • Keep the container in sun after sealing it perfectly. Sunlight will release the oil slowly from the seeds that have been submerged.
  • Strain the oil through cheesecloth after few days and remove the anise seeds. Store it in a cool place.

Use anise oil and enjoy its benefits!!