Neem Leaves as Natural Chicken Pox Ailment Treatment

Neem is also known as Azadirachta indica A. Juss, and refers to a traditional medicinal plant endemic to India. Neem is associated with unani, ayurveda and homoeopathic therapies. In Sanskrit, it is refered to Arishtha, or “reliever of sickness.” It has since made its way into modern medicine; and is used to treat several ailments.

Neem leaves are some of the most widely use parts of the neem tree, especially in Ayurveda therapy. The leaves can be made into pastes, skin applications, and mouthwashes. It can even be made into teas or medicinal capsules. Some make juice out of the leaves. The paste for of neem leaves can be used as is, and applied directly on rashes. The leaves can also be used in baths to relieve viral infections. It is widely used as a cure for chicken pox.

The potent ingredients of neem leaves are Quercetin, Beta-sitosterol, and several types of liminoids. Quercetin is a type of flavonoid, and is used medically for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Beta-sitosterol is a type of steroid. Liminoids helps in limiting the production and spread of bacteria.

Neem Leaves as Juice

Another way to consume neem is to extract its juice by grinding and mixing the extract with water. This makes the bitter concoction easier to ingest. This helps with easing the symptoms of chicken pox, like fever, rashes and itching.

Neem Leaves as Bath

To help ease the itching and rashes from chicken pox, neem leaves can be used in bathing. Bath water should be prepared the night before.

Fill the tub with bathing water. Mix in neem leaves. Add tamarind power and stir. Keep the mix for a night. Before using as bath, warm the water through sun exposure. This should be used first thing in the morning to help with the rashes and itching.

Neem Leaves as Tea

To treat symptoms of chicken pox, neem leaves can be ingested in tea form. The leaves are boiled as is. Another option is to add chrysanthemum to the mix. This lessens the bitter taste of the tea.

This is said to cure acne, measles and chicken pox. As a chicken pox cure, it rids the body of toxin, purifies the blood and works as a liver cleanser. Fever that typically accompanies chicken pox is reduced. At the same time, rashes become less severe and less itchy.

Neem Leaves as Chew

Neem leaves can also be used as chew to alleviate symptoms of chicken pox. Neem is very bitter so this can be unpalatable. It is, however, an effective and hassle-free way to consume neem.

As chew, neem helps relieve symptoms of chicken pox, such as fever, itching and rashes. It hastens recovery from the viral infection.